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David Sokol created this book with the bookbinding assistance of Janet Ballantyne.

The prints were made by first photocopying a Piranesi etching out of "Piranesi, the Complete Etchings". Next, the image was transferred to Rives paper using the press at the Burlington City Arts print studio. The transfer process transformed the previous image and the artist envisioned a new city. The new city was developed on the paper using drawing and collage. The image was then reprinted using a large-format giclee printer - changing a three dimensional surface into two dimensions. Rubbing natural mineral pigmant into the paper by hand completed the final image.

The binding is aluminum diamond plate and the covers are embossed Arches print papers. Janet and David completed the binding in Shelburne, Vermont in 2003

David made the sonnet selections anmd wrote the commentary. The print layout and giclee printing were by Churchman Inc. Creative Services in Jericho, Vermont 

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