In just minutes you can experience 80 years of population growth!

Step into the PAST --- the PRESENT --- and the FUTURE

and see what it really feels like

Population Simulator Drawing

The simulator is composed of three cubicles with increasingly degraded astroturf on the floor, and walls of stuffed velour panels. The piece gives participants the chance to experience first hand what population felt like 40 years ago, feels like today and will feel like 40 years hence. The first cubicle is 1955 with just a little stuffing in it. In the second, 1995, the stuffing touches the participant's shoulders and in 2035 it is completely stuffed with just enough room for a person to force her or his way in.

Population Simulator

This piece was shown at an event co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood of New England and Vermont Citizens For Sustainable Population in Montpelier, VT.