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Newsreel film & Photographic and Paper Archives

A rare, and rather complete collection of the early films made by NEWSREEL (aka: Camera News Inc.) in the late 1960's. this body of work is available, both on 3/4 inch and VHS formats. the work prints are now the original. of course NEWSREEL always just printed from the freshly edited workprint. certainly could get the work out more quickly. interest or questions? you can get in touch with Roz at the e-mail address below, or click on the "blinkin" NR logo to access a list and description of the films. or visit a show at Exit Art, that Roz contributed to. . . .

The archives are located in Richmond Vermont and consist of 50 films, thousands of photographs, hundreds of posters, buttons, T shirts, and primary source documents that consist of articles, pamphlets, small press booklets, leaflets, and other documents. The films were made and distributed by Newsreel, a documentary film group that began in l967. Newsreel groups and distribution centers were set up across the United States including Vermont. Presently Third World Newsreel, California Newsreel, and the Vermont Archives and Distribution Center are in existence.

There is a special collection of released Counterintelligence documents on African Americans from l967-l971. These documents consist of a computerized index of 350,000 pages of documents read. Scholars make use of the extensive files that exist. They are broken down by subject. city, and time lines.

The majority of the archives are concerned with the political movements of the 1960's - 1980's. For a list of the films, or more information about the photographs please call or write.

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a recent show at EXIT ART in New York City

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