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the video touches on a number of themes: during the three-week trek across europe and asia, from helsinki to beijing, i filmed testimony and interviewed women on the streets and market places of russia, ukraine, romania, bulgaria, turkey, and kazakhstan.

with women's groups from these cities we discuss: the chernoble nuclear disaster, the impact of rising religious fundamentalism on women, the war in former yugoslavia, violence against women, and the changing economic status of women in eastern europe and around the world.

the highpoint of solidarity for women who traveled to beijing was participating in the NGO forum near beijing. this 9-day festival of sharing and empowerment, was a kind of "women energy".

through interviews, workshops and demonstrations, the video focuses on four themes discussed at the forum: women and militarism (nuclear and conventional); women under fundamentalist islam; food security; and trafficking in women. it ends with a powerful evocation of women's solidarit: a women in black vigil with participants from all continents.

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