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In May the Veterans Administration issued a report about Gulf War casualties. Almost seven hundred thousand people like me served in the Gulf War. Of those, more than TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND have filed VA claims for war-related disabilities. The VA has approved the claims of 159,238 of these veterans, awarding them lifetime medical care, compensation, and pensions based on the extent of their medical problems. That is almost 30 percent of those who served in the Gulf War.







On May 30, members of the performance art collective Critical Art Ensemble were subpoenaed by the FBI. The FBI is planning to indict Steve Kurtz, a member of CAE before a grand jury on June 15, on unknown charges. CAE is under investigation for their use of scientific equipment to produce art projects that question the relationship between commerce, politics and biotechnology. Critical Art Ensemble have been producing performances and theory that merge political realities with technology and theater since 1987. Thus far nine subpoenas have been issued to: Adele Henderson, Chair of the Art Department at UB; Andrew Johnson, Professor of Art at UB; Paul Vanouse, Professor of Art at UB; Beatriz da Costa, Professor of Art at UCI; Steven Barnes, FSU; Dorian Burr, Beverly Schlee, Claire Pentecost, and Julie Perini. One subpoena has been issued to the book publishing company Autonomedia.

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You have succeeded in building a wonderful site full of beauty and sights to uplift the spirit. And it is fairly easy to navigate.... Kudos to all. Thanks for brightening my day. This site has been bookmarked into the folder I go to when I need to escape from the daily grind, and I will return "as needed." Good job, folks. xxxx
- Shelley