Request for proposals from artists for a rotating art exhibition space at the Burlington International Airport.

Location & Specifications:
Wall space above the escalators by Gates 1&2 at the Burlington International Airport. Work will rotate every four months and will be installed by the airport’s maintenance staff. The wall space measures 163” high by 168” wide.

Criteria: (on which proposals will be judged)
Aesthetic Considerations
Strong artistic concept and design
Any medium will be considered (with respect to the limitations of the space) Thematic Considerations:
Suitability to the site
References the uses of the site
Low maintenance requirements
Respects the nature and location of the site
Conveys a sense of welcoming to visitors

Other Considerations:
Artist must be able to complete project on time and with his or her own funds Preference will be given to artists whose primary residence is in Vermont Timeline:
Deadline for submission: May 23rd @4pm (at BCA office, not postmarked)
Selection of finalists and award of contracts: June 1st (estimated)
Installation of first finalist’s work: July 1st (estimated)

Materials to be Submitted:
Current resume (if working as a team, submit all team-members together)
Five-Ten slides of previous work, including artist’s name, media and dimensions
One page, written proposal describing potential project (include slides of any pre-existing work)
Daytime phone number
Return envelope with postage for slides

Submit proposals to:
Burlington City Arts
c/o Jessica Dyer
149 Church Street
Burlington, VT 05401

For more information call: (802) 865-7166